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Not Exactly Blackwork

Blackwork Embroidery is an embroidery technique originally used to decorate clothes and bed linens. It was meant to imitate lace where lace would have been too expensive or impractical.

Today, Blackwork is mostly used as fills in counted thread designs where outlined areas are given texture and density, or as shapes and shadings in their own right.

The stitches in this "Not Exactly Blackwork" project pack are mostly inspired by needlepoint stitches. Some are used almost as their original with only changes in spacing. Other counted thread stitches are used in new and interesting groupings -- and some stitches are just playful wonderings.

Although Blackwork is traditionally a counted thread on fabric technique, Susan has effectively used it on needlepoint canvas also.

Click here to view the canvaswork examples.

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Not Exactly Blackwork

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